I have been surrounded by open-minded people that explore various spiritual and new age ideas from a rather young age so I have very much embraced some of the wonderful alternative and homoeopathic methods and ideas that are available out there.

I do self-improvement and self-exploration for fun…and to improve my life 😉

As I do a lot of research on various spiritual/alternative techniques and therapies, I have decided to share my impressions, ideas and experience in this area on my blog.

I have been practising EFT/Tapping since about 2010 and in 2017 I attained the Reiki Master/Teacher Level. I also have been dabbling in reading Tarot for many years and do a bit of yoga.

Some of the other ideas that spark my interest are (but are not limited to) past lives, mind/body/spirit connection, channelling, angels, acupuncture/acupressure, feng shui, crystals…and whatever other lovely technique or idea comes my way.


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