Hi, I am Magdalena Llamandra (one of the L`s is silent – you chose which one) and I am what you would consider a young grown-up, which means that I am old enough to have responsibilities like bill payments, job, studies, house cleaning and others, but considered way too old to revive my Barbie collection.

I am Latvian, but after living in Japan and Denmark I find myself in the magical world that J.R.R. Tolkien so keenly described (minus the elves) of the United Kingdom.

After finding all my happiness being sucked out by the Dementor that is grown-up life I started questioning what makes me happy and concluded that it is being my witty and sarcastic self, spirituality and holistic methods, people, arty stuff like writing and creating things as well as… I`ll tell you when I remember after I am done with my chores…

So I decided to create a little online mind-space to share my day to day findings in any one of these fields – be they witty, useful and thought provoking or just totally random… one page at a time!

Things you may read about on this blog under the Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice on This Blog category are:

  • Motivational and thought provoking things.
  • Excellent displays of wit whilst facing daily adult life.
  • Spirituality, holistic therapies/healing and new age ideas.
  • Self-improvement.
  • Random everyday occurrences.
  • A pinch of positivity to brighten your day.
  • A mix of the above.

So sit back, have a browse, enjoy the journey and join in on a discussion or two 😉