Self-care and what a tennis ball has got to do with it?

Meet my friend, Mr Tennis Ball.


Now you may be wondering, what in the world is she on about? Or you may exclaim “Ahaaa, I know this one!”

The connection is very simple – self-massage.

You may already be doing this, have heard about this (so take this as your reminder) or have been recommended to do this by a friend, osteopath, doctor, colleague etc. or you may be new to this idea.

So what is the fuss about?

Well I appreciate that not all of us have the means or time to attend regular massage sessions, buy expensive massage chairs/rollers/cushions or have the strength or patience to massage themselves with their hands/fingers as they soon get tired. So here is where my friend Mr Tennis Ball comes in.

Rolling a tennis ball on sore muscles by applying just as much pressure as you need is a simple and quick way to lightly loosen up stiff muscles…and it only costs you less than a pound/dollar/euro.

To get to pesky areas like the back – put the ball between you and the wall/floor and do a little awkward massage dance – looks funny, but gets the job done 😉

Of course you can do this on your loved ones too….

So go on, give yourself a light massage today, you are worth it!

Have you tried this or heard about this before? Got any tips on how to best do the massage? Is it easier for you to just use your hands or ask someone else to do it?


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