Survival congratulations to all exam takers.

I have been quiet for a few weeks now courtesy of the exam season and the ensuing post-exam season aftermath 😀

I am sure if you are studying or even juggling work and studies, you will know that all else becomes insignificant in the light of the looming exam paper.

So what kind of learner are you?

I gradually study though all the allotted period before the exam…but a few weeks before the exam panic sets in…and I try to cram in more knowledge 😀 Sometimes it works…others I am just running in my little hamster wheel of stress 😀 But it gets things done so it cannot be all that bad, right?

No amount of meditation, grounding or deep breaths can help you if your least favourite subject gets presented to you in your exam paper… although I truly wish I could OM myself to a correct answer if I had forgotten it 😀

So well done to everyone who was working hard (or even just a little bit) to achieve another milestone or goal in their lives and fingers crossed it was all worth it!



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