Panic & Anxiety – what do you do?

So the other day I suddenly felt really anxious and felt panic coming on – thank you exam season, I guess 😀

Normally deep breathing unfortunately does not do as much for me as I would like it to, but if it works for you – I envy you.

Talking to a close person helps a lot for me, just to air out any bottled up fears and worries, however, we may not always have access to a close person at all times.

So what did I do?

Something I would not normally think of when panic and anxiety sets in – simple yoga.

In this glorious day and age of the internet I have grown fond of a particular yoga teacher, courtesy of youtube and the Yoga TX channel – Jen Hillman.

Why this particular person?

I find her instructions clear and easy to follow and most exercises are doable by the non-sporty and non-bendy mortal people, however, even though the stretches are simple, they are always very deep and effective when done properly, that is, to the best of your current abilities.

Lo` and behold – after trying out 20 minutes of a yoga sequence for “Stress relief and anxiety management” my mild panic attack actually calmed down.

I think I shall be returning to yoga next time when panic sets in, if the setting is appropriate.

So what do you do when anxiety and panic sets in? Have any good tips you could share? Have you tried yoga before and have you tried looking for yoga on youtube? Any recommendations?


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