Kaizen – the miracle cure for all us over-achievers and procrastinators?

Raise your hand if you are a perfectionist, pedantic about your work or just love to “do things right”.

Now raise your hand if you spend quite some time procrastinating, putting things off or calling yourself “too lazy to do something”.

I`m sure most of us raised our hand to at least one of those – I know I did 😀

Upon my daily travels in the land of the internet I stumbled upon various videos and articles on the subject of the art of Kaizen.

Kaizen? I that some sort of cake?

Nop, apparently it is the Japanese technique of creating new habits and overcoming procrastination.

The theory is that in the west we strive to achieve, then achieve some more…and then achieve some more. And if we do not succeed in our achievement sprees, we soon get discouraged and just drop the activity. And that goes for my horrible habit of reading 5 books at the same time until half way 😀

So this nifty little Kaizen thing states that you should do whichever thing you need to do for:

  • 1 Minute
  • Every Day
  • At the same time

In that way it becomes a habit and you gradually start enjoying because you see that you clearly have done something good for that 1 minute.

Some say it is very effective – and we all have a minute? Right?

I am yet to try it, but there is a lot of good feedback on it that it does work for people…so why not give yourself a minute of pure achievement every day?

Go on, pat yourself on the back for once for a job well done (for just a minute), I know I should do that more often 😀

So what are your thoughts on this? Have you tried it? Do you know someone who has tried it? Does it work? Is it too simple?


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