Mirror Work – why should you tell yourself how great you are today?

You know when you keep seeing the same thing over and over again until you decide to have a proper look at it?

Yep, this has been happening to me lately in respect of so called “Mirror Work”.


“A mirror what? Is that a cleaning company?”, some may ask.

No, it is something I get sent straight to my mailbox as a part of another spiritual website I seem to have signed up for a decade ago, this time courtesy of Hay House (and you would think they were paying me for the number of times I end up mentioning them :D) and Robert Holden.

After much resistance I sat down to actually check out a simple 15 minute video by Robert Holden. The big happiness trick he offers? You guessed it – mirror work!

The theory (and recommendation) is that you get yourself a mirror (hand-held, wall hanging, small, big – it does not matter) and just for a minute a day, five times a day (that is 5 minutes of your time) just look into the mirror and really tell yourself “I love you!”

As simple as that…you may even want to add other positive things about yourself while you are there talking to yourself (even if you do this quietly/mentally) as long as you do it.

If I love you is too far fetched, try “I am willing to start to like myself”, for example.

As simple as that sounds, give it a try – see what kinds of uncomfortable feelings the exercise and having to say something nice to yourself brings up. I know I had a blast – Jim Carey had nothing on the faces I suddenly started inevitably making at myself when I first tried telling myself how much I like myself in the mirror 😀

Day one down, I guess, only upwards from here….and it does get easier! I promise 😀

So is this something you may want to try? Have you tried it and did it change anything in your life? What are your thoughts on this simple technique?



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