How do you refer to your body?

Some of you may be aware that Hayhouse World Summit 2017 is currently in motion, which means you get free access to hours of free material from inspiration, motivation and otherwise interesting speakers that in theory will help you improve your life if only you work on it … how ever so lovely šŸ˜€

Like most people, I do not have countless hours to enjoy all the free material and to sponge up all the knowledge they have put out there, so today I thought I`d give one of the audios a go – “How to listen to and connect to your body`s messages” by Ahlea Khadro.

I am not familiar with her work, but two things stuck with me from the hour long lecture (that was vaguely playing in the background as I was multi-tasking as a modern adult :D):

One was that she refers to the body as she/he (depending on your gender)…now think about that one. Do you refer to your body in your mind as “it”? I sure do, which makes it so much more impersonal.

Do you reckon referring to your body as she/her (for females) or he/him (for males) would not make it more personal?…thus making it easier to care for ourselves? This is the thought I came away with…

And secondly, the good old message that the body sends us signals, but we cannot/do not/will not hear them…because we expect the body to speak in the minds language of words, which it clearly does not.

Kind of obvious, but it rung a bell with me…we sure do have a lot of trouble of just ~feeling~ a feeling andĀ giving ourselves the space, the break and the time to acknowledge how we really feel in this constant flurry of modern must do/should do/real life is calling….

So have you tuned into the Hayhouse World summit? Which audios did you enjoy?

What are your thoughts on the above? Are you familiar with Ahlea Khadro`s work?


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