How much do planets influence our lives? Mercury in retrograde, oh no!

Throughout the last few weeks I have consistently seen various news and articles pop up on my news feed (which simply tells you a bit about the kind of people I follow :D) about Mercury in retrograde and how it is this big deal…if you believe that the planets affect the things happening around us.

I choose to lean towards the team that says that yes, they do have an influence, but I have not researched it enough (yet) to see to what extent and if it seems to work..for me.

May I say that you can breathe easily (until August 13 when it is back :D), apparently the latest period was April 9th until 3rd May – so we are safe now, Mercury is no longer in retrograde 😀


So what was it all about?

Well, we got a whole list of things that are not recommended to be done during this period like starting a new job, making any kind of contracts, buying expensive things, anything involving communication as things may not be understood correctly, may be misunderstood or turn out to be completely different than expected…misunderstandings and trouble all around it would appear!

So what are the good bits? As everything slows down and is a lot less fast-paced than normal, you get a chance to re-think, re-do and re-evaluate things more…to sort out old things you have been postponing for ages.

And here is a lovely sample list I got on the internet 😉


So did you notice any difference during this period? Has it been just as “off” for you as it has been for me? 😀 Or have you experienced something unusually wonderful during this time? Let me know your thoughts or any tips on the subject 😉


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