Clearing and Balancing your Chakras – Pendulum Work

So this morning I woke up feeling not so positive, but I had a streak of inspiration to pick up my pendulum and do a bit of clearing of that negativity.

Please note that if you do not own a pendulum, you can easily use a needle hanging in a thread or a ring with no stones hanging in a chain etc. as a substitute as long as the intention is there. For those of you who may not be familiar with the chakras, here is a guide image (from the internet).


Normally I would work with a pendulum sitting down, but today I felt like pacing around the room as I worked. Why? I find this quiets my mind, but try what works best for you.

I held the pendulum opposite each of my 7 chakras starting from the bottom up and asked that any guilt, fear, anger, shame (and whatever might be relevant to you) that might be stuck in this chakra be cleared.

I personally imagine the negativity being sucked out of me and expanding into the universe or being taken away by angels for the greater good (whatever is your preferred method of “giving up negativity”).

As long as the pendulum swings or rotates, the clearing continues (and, yes, it does stop even if you are walking about). Once it stops rotating, you move on to the next chakra.

Once you have been through all the chakras, simply ask the universe/angels/whatever you believe in to save these positive changes you have made today and to let them manifest in your physical reality and, again, let the pendulum swing until it stops.

As simple as that.

I found it a good active meditation, a good visualisation exercise as well as a calming one – I certainly felt a bit more positive at the end of that 🙂

Do you think it is something simple enough that you may want to try? Does working with a pendulum work for you? What are your thoughts on this “active meditation”? Is there something similar you would like to recommend?


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