Does our body give us signals to protect us?

Some of us are very sensitive to how their body feels and others a bit less so. Either way is fine as we all have our own ways of processing things, but I would like to focus today on the people that are or are trying to be a bit more in tune with themselves.

For some it comes naturally…others might be wondering how.

So have you ever noticed a certain feeling intensifies when you go to a certain place?

This can be anything from a sudden coughing fit, a feeling of an upset stomach or a very strong headache etc. Whatever you may be more sensitive towards.

For me it is sensations and intensified feelings in the back – being with certain people can totally put my back at ease whereas even the thought of hanging out with others brings on discomfort. Odd?

To be fair I only recently started noticing this connection as I never looked at it this way and never thought about investigating my surroundings or thoughts at the given time when I felt a certain type of physical nudge or discomfort.

So maybe this blog post can serve as that little nudge for you to take a careful look around when you feel a certain way to see if it is your body reacting to something and just trying to protect you in a way?

Maybe you are already one step ahead and know exactly what I mean and have been doing it for years 😉 😀

So what is your “usual signal” that tells you that you should be aware of your surroundings or maybe even leave a certain place? Let me know your thoughts and comments on the above 😉


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