Meeting your expectations on special celebrations.

It was my birthday quite recently and I found myself wanting to have one of those days where everything just goes your way and everyone does what you want (within reason, of course) in celebration of your big day.

I am surrounded by really lovely people that do really give it their best and they do try and make the day special for me, yet my hopes for it to be a certain way are so high it just ends up escalating into a small argument because of miscommunication.

Once the day was over and the pressure of “doing something special” for that particular day was gone I found myself having a much better following day as I could just sit back and enjoy the day no matter how it is.

For me I even get similar feelings on Christmas – it ~has~ to be special, but it never is “just right”.

I am sure not everyone will relate to this, but those of you who do, what do you think was the lesson I learned?

Any day can be special if you just allow it to be good…and maybe having super high expectations from a particular day just because it has a label (Christmas/Easter/Birthday etc) or the people around you on such a day is not all that healthy. The day will be what you make it, so it might be a good idea to stop saying it ~has to be~ a certain way or another.

That probably goes for weddings too, no? Not that I would know 😀

Maybe celebrations are the times when we need to sit back and take a deep breath the most? Breathe in, out…and pretend you are at least trying to relax 😀

So what days do you give high meaning to? Do you think it usually works out well to have certain expectations towards a particular day?



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