What kind of traveller are you? They joys of packing.

In anticipation of a short trip away from home for a few days I find myself facing the very adult-like task of packing a suitcase. I suppose packers can be divided into:

  • Those who take a teeny bag with the bare essentials.
  • Those who take a medium “cabin size” bag with essentials and a few clothes.
  • Those who pack a “I must take everything with me lest that other place is a desert” 20kg+ size suitcase.

I am lucky enough to be in the mid range.

Of course, next problem, when to pack? So I suppose, again, most of us will either:

  • Pack days in advance.
  • Pack the previous night.
  • Pack a few hours before leaving.
  • Throw stuff at the bag in a panic frenzy 20 minutes before leaving.

I like to think of myself as a mixture between the last two 😀

So does all this say anything about our habits? Did we pick them up from a relative or are we doing stuff a certain way because we don`t want to do stuff like our nan/dad/uncle/sister did? (Yes, nan, thanks, I do not want to be at the train station 2h in advance xD)

Here`s another bit of human behaviour we can analyse…after we are safely on our bus/train/flight and have a spare hour 😀

So what are your packing habits? Do you ever question where you got them from?


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