“You can heal your life” and other Hay time discoveries.

I was scrolling though facebook the other day and someone on a spiritual group asked what people could recommend for pain – one of the suggestions I saw was eft, which I have discussed before, and the other was the book “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay.

I must admit, until now I was not familiar with the work of Louise Hay, but I did commit myself to picking up the book and giving it a good read…and I loved it!

Louise Hay proposes the idea that we create our own reality and where you are now is just a result of your previous thinking. Nothing too innovational and an idea that has been toyed with by many self-help experts, but it is her positive spin that I especially enjoyed.

Some people have suggested that this is simply victim blaming, as in, it is all your fault that you have this mess if something is not working. I prefer to look at it from a point of power – if I have created this, that means I have the power to change it and I am not a helpless victim of circumstance.

There are various positive affirmations (if they work for you) available throughout the book to address various issues as well as a nice list of the metaphysical ideas behind what emotions cause what kind of pain once suppressed…and I must admit, in the context of the whole book and upon starting to question myself, I did find that most of her ideas and proposed reasons did resonate well with me.

So if you have a chance, have a little read. Her newsletter also offers various little bits and pieces of positive information…and we all need a little bit of extra positivity! 🙂

Are you familiar with her work? Can you recommend your fave book? Do you disagree with the basic idea she proposes of creating our own reality or do you like it?


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