Do affirmations work? And what is an afformation?

Most of us at some point in our lives have heard about affirmations – the idea that if you repeat something positive to yourself often enough, you will believe it and it will happen.

Cool, right?

And although they work for some, there seems to be a lot of stories where people do not get too far with them.

Some years ago I stumbled upon a gentleman called Noah St John who has written a book called “The Secret Code of Success”. Now I will raise my hand and admit that I never finished the book, because what one of the first few chapters taught really resonated with me.

His theory is that the brain is wired to find solutions to problems, so if you try and convince yourself of “I am so rich!” your brain just goes “Pft, yeah right”.

…and then we come to his proposed solution: Afformations

Wait, what? Did you just misspell affirmations? No, no I did not, they are called afformations.

An afformation poses a question to your brain instead of a statement and our brains are wired to seek answers, so it works much more effectively.

For example, instead of repeating “I am rich” 100 times, you would just now and then ask yourself “Why am I so rich/happy/healthy?” or “Why do I enjoy my life so much?”, “Why is everything going so well?” etc.

Boom, brain goes wild and tries to look for an answer and proof that you are rich/healthy/happy…of course, provided you stick with it…

I have found that this works much more efficiently for me than the classic affirmations, so I encourage you to have a look at his work or to just give afformations a try – you are basically stating the same positive intent that you want…just as a question to yourself 😉

Do you use affirmations? Do they work for you? Have you tried afformations?


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