What kind of people are you attracting?

What kind of people are you attracting?

Are the people at work treating you nicely or are you getting small jabs thrown at you more often than would be polite? How are your relatives treating you? What about your significant other?

I found myself in a situation where acquaintances that used to be nice suddenly were being overly mean and if you believe that you create your own reality, the question of course arose as to why (besides them being mean or bored).

So if you ever have been in a similar situation, I`ve devised a little guidance tapping list (please make sure you are familiar with the tapping points) that you can follow and adjust as you need to – you can replace person with persons for instance. Just make sure you do tap on the indicated points as you say the statements out loud.

Karate Chop Point: Even though this person is mean to me for no reason, I love forgive and accept myself. Even though this person is picking on me for no apparent reason, I love forgive and accept myself. Even though this is so unpleasant and I do not know why they do this, I choose to love forgive and accept myself and this person.

Round 1

Eyebrow: This person is constantly being mean to me.

Side of the eye: They are super negative towards me.

Under the eye: I might know why that is so or I might not, but the truth is

Under the nose: I am not happy with how I am being treated by those around me.

Chin: And this makes me really upset.

Collar bone:  If I create my own reality, am I really choosing to attract such nasty people?

Under the arm: And if that is so, I am just angry at myself for doing that.

Round 2

Top of the head: Even though I cannot affect how other people treat me

Eyebrow: I choose to acknowledge to myself that I am worthy and deserving of respect

Side of the eye: and I choose to treat myself with respect.

Under the eye: Maybe I have actually just mistreated myself and this person is just reflecting that back to me?

Under the nose: I choose to lovingly stop mistreating myself.

Chin: I was doing the best I could with the information I had

Collar bone:  and even though I might have stumbled, I got there in the end.

Under the arm: I am ok. I am safe and I deserve love and respect

Top of the head: And I choose to realise that in body mind and spirit.

Nice big deep breath!


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