EFT/Tapping – how much positivity do you need?

Those of you who are familiar (or would like to familiarise yourself) with taping will know that the idea is that you gently tap on certain meridian points in the body to send signals to the brain to release certain stuck emotions.

Some people are a bit sceptical about going into detail of the negative emotions while tapping for fear of attracting what you focus on i.e. the fear/bad stuff (this is where the law of attraction comes in). I am a strong believer that this is not the case – bringing negative emotions to the top whilst tapping does help you acknowledge them and eventually release them.

Some keen tappers only tap on whatever is concerning/bothering them…like me. Others seem to be all for doing a negative round of tapping, followed up by a positive one.

My question of the day is – if we release negative emotions with tapping, but do not put anything positive in their place, would that cause us trouble?

As in, if you take something away, you leave a blank space which your mind/body/subconscious will rush to fill in with something and if you are not in control, it usually isn`t exactly something positive e.g. like quitting smoking just to find yourself overeating now.

So how do you consciously replace a bad emotion with a good one…for good? Would a positive tapping round be the deciding factor, or would something else be required.

Now that is what I am pondering about today…


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