Weather Watchers

Let`s talk about the weather – a very popular subject here in the UK and anyone can chip in 😀

Latvia is a country of 4 seasons – it`s very warm in the summer, very cold in the winter and blissfully in between in spring and autumn.

Some say that the UK on the other hand only has one season – it`s always chilly and raining. Having been a few places in the UK I can honestly say that although we do get rain, it`s certainly not raining non stop as the internet would like you to believe.

I`m a fan of warmth and sunshine. Yes, I know, what the hell am I doing in the UK? 😀 But I also very much love the fresh smell you get in the air when it has just rained…and the colours spring brings.

In both the UK and Latvia when it rains that means it is usually cold…for those of you who are from or have been to Japan, you will know that it can rain and be warm at the same time…which is close to perfect for me 😀

And it rained today over here…just shortly…the air is still amazingly fresh outside after it – welcome spring!

It`s the little things in life!

So what is your favourite season? What is your favourite weather?


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