Daylight Savings, go away my friend.

So tomorrow in many parts of the world the usual nightmare of daylight savings begins.

Remember to turn your clocks one hour forward on Sunday, 26th March 2017.

This being another one of those grown up things you just have to suddenly remember and take into account (thank you twitter for the reminder), lest you accidentally arrive at work an hour early…or late in the autumn.

What puzzles me though is why do we intentionally get one less hour of light in the winter and an extra hour of light (when there is already plenty of it) in summer…as in why do the clocks not go forward in autumn and back in spring not vice versa!

I appreciate that originally farmers benefited from this, but now it is only the electricity companies having a ball every winter for an extra hour of artificial light.

Is it not a bit of an archaic tradition?

When I lived in Japan they simply did not have such a thing…and you know what? I certainly did not miss it. And their economy sure ain`t struggling because of it either.

So there you go – another grown-up chore you never needed nor wanted to add to the list, lest you get too comfortable in your daily rhythm! 😀

So what do you think about daylight savings? Is it a good thing? Is there a benefit to it? Or should the world unite for a petition to stop this nonsense so I can go back to bed at the same time all year round? 😀


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