Bargain hunting with the Practical Latvian

Like many girls I actually enjoy shopping…not so much food shopping though, which is my chosen subject for today 😀

Being Latvian I am damn good at finding bargains. To put this into context, many Latvians are not too well off so life kind of teaches you to be a professional discount/bargain hunter, which I am actually proud of. So even though I would say that now in the UK I have enough to be happy, the bargain hunter instinct will always kick in anyway.

So here are my food bargain hunting tips for starters (…or professionals to just refresh your memory):

  • Eye level, eye level, eye level – whatever is eye level will usually be the most expensive so I will always check the lower shelves (or the higher ones) in the supermarket first.
  • Food brands – when it comes to food, I personally could not care what the label said, as long as it tastes nice, but even if you are a fussy eater, I invite you to give the supermarket own brands a go. They are usually much cheaper and of the same quality (Ok, maybe with some exceptions).
  • Compare the prices on the same products with different brand labels.
  • Have a trip round your local supermarkets once every month or so and compare the prices on your fave products. Maybe it is worth doing half your shopping in one place and half in another (if you have the time) or just to swap your main place of shopping?
  • Budget brand shops like Lidl, Aldi, Netto etc. stock a wide range of really good products for (usually) lower prices…so even though your gran might shop there, why not give them a try?
  • Don`t believe the slogans! Especially if they claim to be “cheaper” – always compare the prices yourself.
  • Shop in the evening and make the best of the “reduced” isles some shops have – the amount of fancy humus I`ve found in these for 1/3 of the price *daydreams*
  • Check out your local “Polish” stores if you are in the UK – provided you know what you are buying, they have some great products…and sometimes some good discounts too.
  • Treat it as a sport not a chore – make it into a family game – “who can find the cheapest sausage wins an extra bar of chocolate because they saved x amount of money” 😀

Not buying the fancy milk or the Heinz beans adds up so I can buy more of the things that matter…like shoes 😀 I`m still well fed and I`ve had a good time “hunting”.

What are your bargain hunting tips? Do you think it is too time taking?


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