Hummus, meet Mr Garlic!

Today I felt inspired to make hummus.

Why? Because they mentioned hummus in the Lady Gaga biography I am reading and I realised I had none…but I had some chickpeas!

*Puts on mad food-doctor hat*

In short,  the levels of garlic in a home-made hummus can be summed up like this:

1. Not there.
2. Meh, kinda there.
3. Perfect.
4. Hold on a second…this is Edward Cullen proof.
5. Lestat* will not enter this town.
6. Magdalena`s recipe reading skills. Note to self – one garlic clove is not one full garlic head.

Oh, well, at least I tried! There is always next time 😀

* Lestat being a reference to the Vampire Lestat in the Anne Rice books. You can also check out the Interview with the Vampire movie.


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