The thrilling childhood of the 90s kid who sat on a rock.

I`m a 90s kid and like many people over the age of 18 I do wonder what has become of the new generation…well, as the previous generation always does 😀

I`m referring to this increasing addiction to the internet and/or the need to take a phone/tablet with you everywhere you go…including social situations.

Don`t get me wrong, I totally appreciate that parenting is hard and as parents want to have some time for themselves (or just a moment of peace) it is easy to just give the kid a small screen to glare into and distract themselves with.

So what did I do for fun before we got our first computer and internet connection when I was 16 years old? Well,my childhood activities (outside of school times) included, but were not limited to:

  • Sliding down a small hill on a bin-bag in the snow in winter – because proper sledges are for fancy people 😀
  • Taking a long trip down the road to sit on my fave big rock.
  • Running through the nearby woods (yes, it was much safer back then).
  • Trying to catch your friends at home on the landline before they go outside to play with other kids that aren`t you 😀
  • Going to the library to get more books.
  • Cycling and exploring the local neighbourhood.
  • Swimming in the nearest pond (provided it was clean enough).
  • Playing with toys.
  • Crafting dresses for my Barbies – sewing, knitting and crocheting.
  • Waiting for my fave cartoon that comes on at exactly 4pm.
  • Walking long distances to explore.
  • Rolling down a small hill “barrel style”.
  • Messing around in the garden.
  • Playing with the dog/cat.
  • More exploring of the world around me.

I bet many of us came up with the most random and simple ways to entertain ourselves before the glorious distraction of the blue screen became a possibility. And I wouldn`t change my fave rock for anything 😀 Good times!

So what pastime activities did you come up with as a kid?


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