Can you meditate too much?

As the title says, can you meditate too much?

I am at a bit of a crossroad in my life at the moment and have chosen to devote a certain amount of time in my day to meditation and various other self-improvement and self-discovery techniques.

Yesterday I was minding my own business…doing a meditation along the lines of accepting yourself and treating any ailments as a friendly signal from your body about…well, something. Lo` and behold, meditation over, I go to get up and the world hops on a little merry-go-round that comes and goes still into the next day.

Don`t get me wrong, I appreciate that there are certain things that medically affect this e.g. low blood pressure or misplaced facet joints in the neck…and others – if in doubt always consult a doctor 😉

But for now, I am looking at it as another one of those fleeting ailments that just sort themselves out within a day or two, so can it be viewed as the body`s signal that enough is enough?

As in meditation and self-discovery is all fine and dandy, but maybe you are trying to force the answer now?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you relax…let go…but still very keenly seek an answer with your logical brain?

Well that`s me in a nutshell 😀

Maybe it is time to take a break…maybe you can do meditation wrong if instead of relaxing you stress, relax, stress, relax, then repeat turning it into a gym exercise 😀

I must admit, I have never “overdone-meditation” before, but it seems like with any exercise a proper form is important for mind exercises too 😀

Maybe it is ok to take a Sunday off from self-discovery and trying to predict the future 😀

Have you ever over-done something that should be relaxing? Do you find it easy to just stop and let things happen?


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