Why I still casually play Pokemon Go

When the game first came out, many of us jumped on the bandwagon and went around on extended trips to “enjoy fresh air ” *khem*…preferably near a lot of pokestops.

Nowdays it seems that the number of Pokemon Go enthusiasts has dwindled somewhat severely, mostly due to the limited amount of things you can actually do in the game.

I can totally see why people would get bored of the game and give up on it, but here are the reasons I still casually turn it on from time to time:

  • It is a reason to take longer walks.
  • It makes you find new nooks and crannies in your own town.
  • It is a nice distraction from reality and relaxes my over-thinking brain for a while.
  • I enjoy the process of advancing my character and collecting items/pokemon.
  • You can just not play the game for months and then just pick up where you left it – no commitment involved, unless you want to.
  • It is always exciting to stumble upon a new pokemon – it`s the little things in life.
  • It is a game suitable for all ages – you can play it with your 10 year old cousin as well as with your mum…provided they want to join.
  • It can be made into a social outing with friends.
  • It can be a talking point between friends/family if they have joined in on the game with you.
  • It`s free..well, mostly 😀
  • It appeals to my inner child.
  • They have set up new pokestops at my local park (yey!).
  • And why not… 😀

So those are the reasons I`m still a casual player.

How about you? Do you still play or have you ever played Pokemon Go? What is your opinion of the game?


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