Smile, something fishy is going on here!

So today I had the pleasure of visiting a pet shop that sold reptiles and fish.

I`m not much of a reptile lover, but I don` mind them in someone else`s house and I think fish are the most pointless pets on the planet…at least for me – they may be perfect for others, but as the pet store is quite big, it made for a nice little mini-day trip to the “mini-zoo”.

Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing a tropical parrot fish?


*Not my image – credit goes to the rightful owner*

You are welcome.

You probably have seen them before, but take another look, how their mouths are shaped as if they are permanently smiling at you. And their colours are nice and cheerful too!

Wouldn`t it be nice waking up in the morning or coming home after a long day just to find your pet smiling at you? 😀

That made me giggle and cheered me up no end today, so I just thought I would share this positive pet idea for those who want a less noisy pet than a cat or a dog 😀

Do you own any animals with peculiar features? Would you like to recommend a peculiar animal?


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