So how do you measure up? Time for some “positive mistakes”!

A realisation has dawned upon me today – I really suck at measuring.

Here I was, preparing a healthy meal for one of rice, broccoli, spinach, green peas and some cream cheese (the naughty bit) and I measured enough rice for what the rice machine deems as “1 person”.

Fast forward…

Now I have enough food for 3 days. How does this happen?

I would either be fantastic as a volunteer at a food bank…or really bad if you view it from a manager`s point of view 😀

Of course, this is not something I do on purpose, I`m just very generous with my portion size when looking for ways to cut out cooking completely from my routine the following day.

I`m also not very good at guessing peoples` age if I might add – I will always make you younger than you really are.

Don`t I sound like a wonderful person to be around 😀

So what are your flaws that could also be hidden talents? Leave me a comment below and let`s spread the love of “positive mistakes” 😉


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