Have a burning question? Would you like some guidance?

As I dwell more into what makes me happy, self-improvement and holistic methods come up again and again on my list, so today just for fun, would you like a free short Tarot reading?

Yes, you read that correct – a short Tarot card reading.

Just leave a question you would like some guidance on in the comments and I`ll reply with what I see in the cards for you in response…very briefly.

Please note that although this can be a helpful exercise when you are unsure about something, you always have the choice to do something else and to go in a different direction – nothing is set in stone and you can take any comments received simply as guidance or completely ignore it, up to you.

*You do not need to go into details of any of your questions, if you do not want to. You do not even need to set it out, if you do not wish to, you can simply say “I have this question – how does the potential outcome look? Is this going to happen? Does this relationship have potential?” etc.*


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