If you ask a person what ails them, they will tell you exactly what it is.

Here is another interesting concept for those of you who are open to various spiritual and out-there ideas 🙂

I was speaking to an experienced medical professional recently and he said that (although he does not necessarily always agree with it himself) if you ask a person what ails him, he will tell you exactly what is wrong.


  • Someone with back pain might tell you “I wish they would just get off my back!”
  • Someone with nerve pain might tell you “They/it/everything is getting on my nerves!”
  • Someone with a flu/cold might say “I`m sick of this person/situation/responsibility etc.”

And so on…

This, again, requires you to toy with the idea that our emotions and thoughts do affect how we feel physically (and I do not mean just stress and anxiety, which we all know does directly affect how we feel).

So have you ever found yourself saying a very common phrase, which correlated with a physical ailment you were/are having?

If I think about it, I sure have 😀

I am sure there are plenty of books out there on this subject if you felt so inclined to explore it, but just for today, it seemed right to share this idea here 😀

Is there some wisdom in the common sayings we utter to express some form of distress? Can it be a signal in what is bothering you emotionally? Can you do anything to help it?


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