Tragedy in the United Kingdom…or is it?

So today is Saturday. An ideal day to indulge yourself in a home made full English (or welsh, depending where you are) breakfast.

For my non-UK readers this full breakfast usually consists of things like fried egg, sausage, bacon, baked beans, tomato, toast, hash brown and whatever other funky thing that local little cafe decides to serve with it (yeah, I mean you, you little cute cafe that offers duck sausage with my breakfast!).

Yes, I know it sounds like a proper dinner for most of the world that is not a UK native (and I fall into the rest of the world category), so the plan was to have a mini-breakfast – bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes and maybe toast.

So have you ever had a cupboard full of bean cans, just to turn them all around to realise you only have kidney beans and no baked beans?

I have. Today.

Not to mention I don`t even like toast and therefore did not have that either!

So this is how a true tragedy really looks like in the UK…you`d think the next thing I`ll tell you is that I am out of black tea (the only tea considered to be a tea in the UK)….scratch that, I do only have green tea (or hippy brew as some call it over here).

Double tragedy!

So what kind of missing ingredient/food would constitute a full-blown tragedy in your country?Anyone want to send me a can of beans? 😀


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