The important quiet signs and the loud aftermath if you ignore them.

Do you ever look back at something and think that in hindsight, you should have seen the signs that it is just not a good idea or that you totally could have done it better?

Although I am not religious, I like to think of myself as somewhat spiritual, so I am open to the idea that “all the signs were there”…in hindsight. So why do we miss them in the moment?

Do you keep hearing the same bit of song lyrics in your head or on the radio over and over?

Are you suddenly noticing the same numbers?

Maybe you get weird pains and aches when thinking about something or doing something? (Now I am not referring to the pains and aches we get after a physical activity here! :D)

Let me say this – I am a master of ignoring little quiet signs of things I should not do or rethink before they are so big I feel like Titanic caressing that iceberg…

Anyway, I do hope to get better form now on!

So have you been repeatedly “stalked” by an occurrence, event, sentence, idea…? Have you ever wondered what it means and maybe the message is the most simple answer you can come up with?

I invite you to look at this blog post as that sign – whatever kept on dropping you little hints is happening and be it a sign from whatever power or deity you believe in, maybe today is the day you make that small change in your life it keeps on hinting at…for the better!


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