Why it can be important to attend grown-up social events…even stuffy ones!

So I have always tried to tag along to every work-due, corporate dinner and official-day-out regardless of if I thought the company I was in was great fun or … not overly exciting.


Networking and socialising.

You never know what piece of information you might find out in a more relaxed and casual environment.

You never know what wonderful new people you might meet.

And you never know, maybe that colleague or acquaintance you never had a chance to talk with has more in common with you than you expected.

The way I see it – these events do not usually take too long – a few hours, a half a day, maybe even a full day, but you never know what doors they might open for you in the future even if the event seems insignificant now.

And besides, what would you rather do instead? Sit on 9Gag for an hour? Watch some telly? Have a nap? The way I see it, it is not time wasted – it is information gained.

So maybe next time when a colleague asks you if you would like to join for that company lunch out, there is an event in your local area for like-minded professionals or you get a chance to go on a course that benefits your work – consider saying yes to all that if you can. You never know – that small conversation today can turn into a big open door tomorrow!




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