If A happens – I will do B; if C happens – I will…

So lately as I tackle my grown-up life-crisis I am starting to take positive steps towards change, however, I find myself putting up scenarios in my head of “If A happens, I will do B and if not, I will do C”.

Now today I was tested on that – A happened and I was telling myself if that would be the case, I would do B… but it was not a loud and clear A.

No, it was one of those situations that make you wonder, maybe if you wait, it will turn into a clear A or a clear C.

Now do they though?

Have you been putting something off because you have been waiting for a certain outcome to happen before you allow yourself to do something else?

I know I sure have!

Often we know that if we come up with a back-up plan Z, this makes it more easy to hear and read between the lines of that unclear A, so this is what I would like to suggest.

If you are unsure about something – try taking a teeny step today towards a back-up plan – might not be your favourite plan and it might not ever be needed, but it sure helps with your confidence and helps you have a more relaxed approach towards your actual goal.

So what teeny thing could you do today? Do you think you could benefit from a back up plan? How about two or more?



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