Things to Consider Before Acquiring an Animal

I have been pondering lately, if I should commit myself to another source of mess in the house (besides the person I live with) by obtaining a cat.

I do not mind dogs, but the nonchalant and confident attitude towards life by any cat just speaks to me on a deep personal level, so a cat it is.

Of course, whilst I deliberate on this subject I have decided to read the one book every serious cat owner should read:

“How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you” by Oatmeal

And now that I have obtained some valuable top secret cat information on what any cat is actually up to, I think I can make a more educated decision.

So do you have any pets? Do you think your cat is up to something shady?

*On a more serious note – If you are planning on getting an animal, please make sure you do have the time, funds and place to keep it before you commit yourself to something like this and if you don`t, maybe a stuffed toy would be the better option.*


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