Don`t Stop Moaning!..and Why it is Good for You

Now most of us have been there – something is not going the way we would like, so we put on our moaning hat and start a little song. Sometimes this gets met with comments like “Stop moaning and do something about it!” and sometimes we get an array of back up singers joining in on your tune.

Moaning just happens to be the national Latvian sport even beating ice hockey in popularity.

You could even say there are two seasons when you can see Latvians unite – the ice hockey season and the moaning season, the first being for a limited time only and the second being open all year round.

Now why is this not as bad as it seems?

Although I wish I was an always positive person who always had their chin up and attended to a solution the second they faced a problem…but like many of us I`m not. And that`s ok.

I try to be more positive…but it does not always work out and then I pick up my favourite Latvian sport (the one that is not ice hockey).

However, whilst doing some of that hated non-physical sporty activity of moaning I find that :

a) I release any bottled up anger and negativity, which is very healthy.

b) I may circle a bit, but really, I am mulling the problem over whilst meditating to the tune of my whiny voice (Yep, that`s a thing! 😀 )

c) After I am done circling and releasing negativity, I do usually come to some conclusion – either you accept the situation or you start pondering how to change it.

Sometimes point c) takes longer…sometimes it doesn`t, but as long as you get there and if it works for you, why not!

So what do you think? Can moaning be healthy? Or should you always show a brave happy face?

Are you a problem solver that never moans? (By god I envy you!) How do you do it?

*Now this is not meant to be as an excuse for people who chronically moan about everything, but never do anything about it. That is a different subject, my friends 😉 *



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