When Paying for Something Unavoidable is a Good Thing

There comes the dreaded time in every drivers life when something on your car needs a little tweak. In my case – I had to get a set of new tyres.

Now some might see this as an unnecessary and annoying expense, but I look at it this way:

  • I am lucky enough to own a car (no matter how old or fancy).
  • I can afford to “tweak” things to improve my safety.
  • I can afford to pay for insurance, road tax, petrol etc.
  • I can get from A to B and back in comfort.

So although, yeah, sometimes it needs bits and bobs done, it is another sign of how lucky you are…unless you own a brand new car that never needs anything, then you are even more lucky 😀

So why not look at it this way…also yes, as an adult, new tyres are exciting 😀

So what adult-only unavoidable expenses could you turn into a positive event?


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