Ticking that Teenage Bucket List…as an Adult

You know what I stumbled upon today?

A leather bracelet my favourite musicians used to wear back in my teen days.

Why is this significant now?

Well, back then I never had a chance to get one, although it was always on my “to get this in order to be cool” teen list and now I have finally found it…and I have found it dirt cheap.

Even as an adult, this was oddly satisfying even though a leather wrist strap doesn`t exactly go with my office attire, who cares, because ticking a thing off the list of “things I always wanted, but did not get a chance to get” is oddly satisfying…and worth it.

So even though the prime time for it has passed, what was on your childhood/teenage “want list”? Do you reckon it would still be oddly satisfying to get it now even though it is no longer as practicable as it used to be ten years ago? 😀


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