Once the Shopping Dilemma Has Been Settled…

So I was going about my normal grown-up Saturday and found myself at the till of a shop purchasing an item of clothing.

Nothing odd about that, right?

But then I realised that the shop assistant kept on admiring the piece of clothing with “Oooh, thats nice, and the fabric is lovely, look at the quality etc.” and that really puzzled me.

I mean, I have already made the decision to purchase this item, I am standing here with my debit card in my hand, you do not need to convince me anymore that it is nice and surely you have seen “how lovely it is” before as you work here?

And then I realised that they seem to do it quite often here in the UK.  Why?

Any shop-assistants here that can enlighten me? 😀

Oh the deep grown-up questions we have to deal with… If anyone wants me, I shall be in my room playing with my toy Unicorn 😉


2 thoughts on “Once the Shopping Dilemma Has Been Settled…

  1. I’m not a shop assistant but maybe through confirming a customer’s choice, a customer will feel validated and therefore have a better experience shopping. Hahha but I absolutely understand what you’re saying.


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