Turning that Middle School Language Subject into a Fun Pastime with Technology for the Busy Grown-Ups

In my never-ending quest for a grown-up hobby that can fit into a busy schedule but also is exciting enough to knock your socks off consistently for at least 20 minutes a day, I was pointed in the direction of modern technology by a fellow grown-up that had picked up learning french as a pleasurable pass-time to make her days less like a murky cup of tea and more like an aromatic cup of espresso – short, with a kick and exciting.

What in the world am I talking about?

The glorious world of learning languages and more precisely I was pointed towards an application called Duolingo, which works on a mobile, tablet or computer.

Now I am sure some of you will go “Bah, yeah, I knew that one!”, but for the unlucky ones that did not say that or that have tried it but never got to grips with it, I invite you to give it another go. I myself was a bit sceptical in the start as well.

I`ve found refreshing my language skills on all the languages I list as “basic knowledge” on my CV quite captivating, especially as the app is made in a foolproof and basic way, simple enough for your language loving nana to understand…and you can fiddle with it for anything from 5 minutes a day up to hours on end, depending on your level of interest.

The only downfall is that you need to recall some of that very very basic French, German, Spanish etc. you used to sleep through in middle school…although you can just make a guess until the app tells you the answer until you get the hang of it 😀

So here`s my little grown-up hobby tip of the day for those of us who just want a bit of fun to fit into a busy schedule, but want something a bit more stimulating than Candy Crush (which is also quite relaxing) from time to time.

So what languages did you study in school but now got rusty as an old crowbar at?

*I am not in any way affiliated with or sponsored by Duolingo…I wish I was, but I am not :D*


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