The Casual Workaholic`s Guide to Job Satisfaction

I am a casual workaholic.

What is that?

Well, I`ll put everything into my work from exactly when my working hours start until when they end, but not a minute more if I can avoid it.

I am one of those lucky people that absolutely love their job and am lucky to have a job in the first place. This is my first job and time and time again I fail to recognise that I am not that person without job experience that started there over three years ago.

I am also lucky enough (see, there are some positives in this) to not yet own a house i.e. have a mortgage or have kids. Prime position, right?

Now here`s the catch – up until recently when I was literally put in a position that I had to take an extended leave and question my life did I realise that, hang on a minute, yes I love my job, but is there more to it? Is everything really ok? I have been grumbling for months and pretending it is all right, so is it?

To the lucky people that do have a job and whether you like it or not (and of course depending on your grown-up commitments), I would whole heartedly invite you to consider the following questions before you are in an awkward situation where you are just forced to think things over.

  • Are you having fun at work? Maybe not all the time, but is it generally ok?
  • Is your work station (if you have one) in a suitable place?
  • Do some market research – what do similar roles on the market (within a reasonable distance) offer payment wise and if you can, enquire what your colleagues earn (yes, I know this can be a tabu subject, but it is worth a try). Does yours match up?
  • How do your colleagues/superiors treat you?
  • Do you get any recognition and satisfaction from your work?
  • Can you ask your superior to improve something to accommodate you?
  • Do you have time to have a hobby or have something that makes you happy outside of work?
  • Is it really the only job within a reasonable distance in your field that you could be working at? (Of course this only applies if you are mentally ready to leave.)

Now I found myself asking these questions and no matter how much I loved my job, some of these came up with negative answers.

So if you have the luxury of being in a country where there are jobs (not to say that anyone is going to just throw one at you!) suitable for your experience and skills, why not re-evaluate if you really are as happy or as stuck as you think. Do some market research!

I`d invite you to do that…before you get put in a position where you just have to do it 😉

Do you like your job? Do you think something can be realistically improved if only you asked? Is it really that unrealistic to change something or the job itself as you initially thought?


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