The Post Argument Saga

There comes a time in everyone`s life when we just row it out with your parent, partner, sibling, evil aunt, sneaky cousin, lazy dog or that silly light on the street that keeps you awake by shining into your window all night (you know who you are, you evil thing!).

But this post is not about the arguments we have…no, this post is about the various ways people deal with the post-argument tension. So what are the post-argument stances that I have encountered? Well……

  1. The Cold War – you know that awkward silence that follows post-argument where all you get out of that persona are cold glares that could keep your refrigerator going for a week.
  2. The Boomerang – You agreed, the argument is over….however, three minutes later that person is back to remind you of it, you sort it out again and….three minutes later that person is back to remind you of it…repeat until sleep sets in.
  3. The News Reporter – You are being blissfully left alone whilst all of your acquaintances are being updated.
  4. The Fluffy Snake Elephant – They smile at you but silently wow to always remember this and to take you down when you least expect it – usually suitable for professional situations.
  5. The Schemer – Your pillow is now gone, your fave shoes are missing or your alarm clock has been turned off…revenge is sweet but very subtle.
  6. The Hobbyist – they have no time for nonsense and they are already immersed in their next task and forgotten all about you.
  7. The Social Media Expert – very much like the news reporter… just more global and modern.

Now I must admit to being guilty of a few of the above and you know what…most of us have done it and it is interesting how we all react differently to similar outcomes of an argument.

So what do you do post argument if a reasonable solution has not been reached? Have I forgotten a key coping style?


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