The Dinner Dilemma

There comes a time in every responsible adult`s life when they have to face it…the dinner dilemma.

Now whether you live alone, with a partner and/or kids, the problem remains the same – what to do, who will do it and why should I do it.

Now I take my hat off to you if you actually enjoy cooking and are that person that volunteers as tribute most of the time to slave over the oven preparing a lovely meal for yourself and/or the family.

I, unfortunately, like many of my peers have not been born with the lucky cooking-love gene and I think us non-cookers probably can be divided into:

  1. Ping-ers – being the sound the microwave makes when your ready-meal is done.
  2. Leavers – those who put the food on for a certain duration of time, cross their fingers, leave and hope the food does its thing and is good at the end of this.
  3. Grumblers – this is me…taking the time producing my fake gourmet meal,  chopping, grumbling and dicing and then stirring and whining.
  4. Amnesiacs – people who have just given up and blissfully forgotten all about it.
  5. Cheerleaders – people who cheer after they have made someone else do it.

Some evenings I like to mix my cooking techniques up…sometimes when I go into “Crazy Food Doctor Mode” I might even enjoy the process, but the evening always starts the same – whose turn it is to cook, do I care and how to avoid it…it is like some students never leave the dorm-food times and really, why indeed should we…

So how does your dinner dilemma look?

If you don`t like cooking, do you fall into one of my five cooking personas or would you say there are more?

And now I shall stop stalling and attend to my persona number five as it is indeed dinner time!


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